Beachcomber's Lifetime Guarantee





Many product warranties offered today leave customers without support and a product that is unsatisfactory. This is why Beachcomber has created a Guarantee that actually supports our customers. It ensures your satisfaction by eliminating exclusions and maximizing coverage. 

We value being up front about the support we provide. We don’t want our customers to have to worry about their hot tub after the purchase has been made.


Our high quality hot tub construction and zero defect approach in quality control are critical pieces of our company philosophy. We know that hand-building the finest quality hot tub is the best way to have 100% satisfied customers. 
Beachcomber’s 98.4% referral rating proves that our high level of integrity and focus on quality are unmatched in the industry


Your Beachcomber should stand the test of time, not cause you problems. The average industry hot tub lasts about 5 years before being replaced or abandoned, while a Beachcomber is built to last! 

There are countless Beachcomber Hot Tubs around the world that are over 20 years old and still running like new. The dependability of our hot tubs far outweighs purchasing a lower quality product. 


Your future Beachcomber could be costing you less each month than a night out, as energy efficiency is always something we keep top of mind. We build our hot tubs to use less horsepower, while still delivering the maximum therapeutic massage. In fact, our hot tubs are up to 33% more energy efficient than our competition. 

What Makes Us Different?



Regardless of your income level, the upfront price of your brand new hot tub is something that’s always top of mind. Throughout our model line-up there’s a hot tub that suits your lifestyle and budget. With Beachcomber you can choose from 20 different models that cover every price point. Your choice of model paired with your choice of features, the possibilities are endless.

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